Some Spider Studios is stepping into original content in a big way.

According to Peter Putka, development executive with Some Spider, the media co has over a dozen series in development, ranging from shortform originals to half-hour series. “We’re really expanding our relationships with TV partners and other production companies.”

Some Spider has recruited Jim O’Heir, perhaps best-known for the lovable character of Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation, to host what the company expects to be one of its most high-profile shows.

Lullaby League, set to air this September, is a competition show where a cappella groups go to parents’ homes and try to sing their babies to sleep.

“We shot the pilot for it, and it went very well,” said Putka. “We’ve signed all sorts of a cappella groups from beat boxers to barber shop quartets.”

While initial shooting has been done in New York, Putka expects to do more filming in L.A., where O’Heir is based. Putka also plans to shoot in Chicago, and as production gears up, to also travel across the U.S. and Canada.

Initially, Lullaby League will air on one of Some Spider’s channels— Scary Mommy. The site began as an online destination, created by a mom chronicling her stay-at-home days with her children. In February 2015, Scary Mommy was acquired by Some Spider Studios, and is now one of the largest women's entertainment brands, armed with various assets including video producers, video editors, staff writers and contributors. It also has an in-house studio dedicated to producing original video and multimedia content.

As such, Putka said the company plans to do production for Lullaby League in-house, at least at the beginning. But the company is open to partnerships with US and Canadian distributors and networks.

“We’re progressive and we know our audience, so we’re basically doing shows the way we think should be done,” he said. “Unlike some TV networks that tend to put things in development for a long time and wait for input, we know the tone of our audience and we know how to reach them.”

The Scary Mommy audience of millennial moms is so engaged in the content because it resonates with what they are going through in their own lives, said Putka. The company’s other primary entertainment channel, CAFE, is all about idealistic humor with a purpose.

Lullaby League will be executive produced by Micaela Birmingham and Peter Putka.

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