Time: Stay Tuned with Preet in the 50 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

In March of 2017, we recommended 50 of the best podcasts for your listening pleasure. Many of those shows continue to do great work, including HeavyweightStill ProcessingThe ReadDear Sugars and Reply All. And two popular pods from last year’s list, 2 Dope Queens and Pod Save America, snagged HBO TV show deals.

But since that list dropped, the medium has continued to evolve. The internet devoured S-Town, and The Daily became mandatory listening during the morning commute. Shows like Ear Hustle, recorded inside a prison, and the musical 36 Questions pushed the bounds of podcasting. Documentary series like Making Obama and Slow Burn began examining history to understand the current political landscape. Just this March, Marvel made its first foray into the podcasting genre with Wolverine: The Long Night.

Between the newcomers and the old stalwarts we missed last year (sorry!), we found  another  50 best podcasts you should be listening to right now. Whether you’re a royals obsessive, a true crime detective or a politics nerd, we have a pod for you, listed from A to Z.

Stay Tuned with Preet

Genre: News & Politics

Why You Should Listen: A number of political figures have started podcasts. Most are self-promotional and boring. But former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s podcast is both intellectually engaging and entertaining. Bharara, who served under Obama and was fired by Trump last year, uses his new platform to examine social justice and politics. He has a knack for explaining complex legal issues with simple language, a skill that’s come in handy during the Mueller investigation. Every week he talks with a guest — a politician, an activist, a police commissioner — about issues of fairness and answers listener questions.

Episode to Get Hooked on: “Taking Trump to Court (with David Cole)”

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