Right This Minute: The Horrors...of Giving Up Bed Space to Your Kids

The day is over, the chores are done, and you can finally get a good night's sleep....or can you? If you're not a parent, then you do not know what true horror is. If you let it happen once, the decision will haunt you for years. That's right, it's...letting the child sleep in your bed! A true parental nightmare.

via The Dad

"Normal Parent Activity"

Director: Nick Fabiano (Head of Video for TheDad)

Concept by: Bryan Carmel (Head of Some Spider Wes)

Writer: Ben Stumpf (Head Writer/Director, The Dad Studios)

Director of Photography: Aric Jacobson (DP, The Dad Studios)

Produced by: Ameena Usher (Head of Production, The Dad Studios)

Editor/VFX: Dan Yadin (Supervising Producer, Post-Production for The Dad Studios)

Starring: Rachel Risen, Elliot Joseph, and Savannah McGuire

Executive Editor of The Dad: Joel Willis

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